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Healthy cereal that doesn’t taste like cardboard

  • High Protein
  • Zero Sugar
  • Childhood Taste
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Why Surreal?

High Protein

13g of plant-based protein
per bowl

Zero Sugar

Yep, absolutely no sugar

Low Carb

Only 5g of net carbs per bowl and keto friendly

High Fibre

High in gut-boosting fibre


Only 116 calories per bowl

Vegan & Gluten Free

Completely plant-based
and gluten free

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Pea Starch

Pea Starch

Peas for breakfast? Yup, pea starch is packed with fibre & is a great ingredient to help improve your digestive system.

Plant-Based Protein

Plant-Based Protein

We use a mix of soy and pea protein - it's great for growth and repair, and now you don't need to "do a Rocky" and chug raw eggs.

Inulin From Chicory Root

Inulin From Chicory Root

Nope not a character from Star Trek, Inulin is a rich source of dietary fiber (90%+) which is great for your digestive system. It’s also gluten free and vegan friendly.

Natural Flavourings

Natural Flavourings

All our flavourings are completely natural. Our bright orange tan is fake though.

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed Oil

The lowest saturated fat of any oil, and packed with so much Vitamin E that they should rename it rapeseeeeeeeeed.

Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners

Our blend of natural sweeteners (Stevia and Erythritol) gives sweetness without the sugar crash or calories

Remember the cereal
you had as a kid?

We loved cereal when we were kids, but as we've got older we've realised that eating bowl after bowl of sugary junk probably isn't a good idea.

As for grown up cereal? It might be "healthier" but it's way too cardboardy. That's why we've made SURREAL. It tastes just like the cereals you remember, but it's packed with protein, not sugary junk. All the taste of your childhood, combined with some very grown up health.

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